MKR: Has the show lost the plot?

When My Kitchen Rules kicked off in Australia years ago it was all about the food and competing for the prize. The show was enjoyable to watch, just clean competition, teams exhibited their cooking skills in challenges and in the home restaurants in hopes of coming out on top.

Since season two the show’s editors and producers have increasingly, year upon year, focussed upon bitchiness between the teams and less on the cooking. This has become even more evident this year, with both Winter Olympics and Commonwealth Games leading to breaks in the season, there has been a focus on a team being ejected from the competition at some point, it took around six weeks from the first ad till Sonya and Hadil were thrown out.

I wonder has the show just lost the plot, forgotten what it is about and over balanced the scales in favour of bitchiness over cooking, I think so. For the first time in years I am seriously reconsidering if I will bother with MKR in 2019, I’ve honestly had enough and may likely seek something better.


NBN in

And we’re up and running, it was relatively painless all things considered. Thankfully dad had advised to unplug my old modem before my time slot, thus thereby avoiding device compatibility issues that would lock our port.

I was surprised at not having to enter any password information to setup the modem, just plug in, turn on, and after up to 15 minutes all was done. In reality it was far less than 15 minutes, more like 5, but the sticker did say it could take as much.

We’ve elected to go mid-tier at 50Mbps and have connected today slightly faster at 52Mbps, so very happy. We have gained 48Mbps overnight, just wonderful. The first thing I did was upgrade to Netflix Ultra HD given I’ve a 4K tv, Lost in Space looks stunning in all its glory.

Our netphone is yet to have a password supplied, so we’re not entirely set up just yet, but we rarely use this aspect of our connection so hardly worrying.

Nice when something just works.

Heart Meditation

At work our Wellness Coordinator’s face lit up at finally having me turn up to something, for years she has been trying to having me participate in something yet my lazy self just never quite made the effort. I’ve been battling with stress and anxiety quite a bit lately, thus I was ‘finally’ interested to make the effort to partake in Fiona’s heart meditation during Tuesday lunchtime.

The session involves first placing your hands such that your fingers meet at your heart, this being used later during the session. We are then encouraged to close our eyes and begin taking a few deep breaths and to smile, first with our lips pressed, and then apart and to notice how the experience differs.

As the breathing continued I started to get a touch light headed, a little too much deep breathing I think. Thankfully, after returning to regular breathing I managed to feel a bit better within a few minutes. By end of the session I noticed myself feeling refreshed, something I hadn’t expected. The others who had joined me needed to return, however I stayed on for a further ten minutes to undergo a form of reiki before we both headed back to the office.

One of the other attendees said he’d been coming to the meditation sessions for the past year, he found it had lead to increased productivity which is certainly a real benefit.

Could hardly contain myself

I’ve worked that past few years with a bespoke designed app at work that just looks like geeks designed it, because they did. It looks plain awful.

They’ve been making tweaks to it recently, but for the most part it still looks like a mid-2000’s throw-up. Today we had a meeting to discuss an update to its core interface language api that would afford greatly expanded functionality and potential to enhance the interface, if they only had someone who knew what they were doing. I could barely contain my excitement at sinking my teeth into overhauling its terrible interface.

If I have my way the cluttered interface would give way to one that understands the need for white space, takes into account accessibility for those with impaired vision and reading impairment, as well as responsive. It was laughable they were only talking about whether buttons would move from text to icons in the meeting.

Hopefully their new api can support all I’d like to do, sometimes these things do tend to be more limited than you’d like.

Next stop: NBN

We have waited an eternity here in Perth’s northern suburbs for the arrival of improved broadband, having watched as the third world nations surpassed our laughable (lack of) speed.

Originally, under the Labor government that initiated the National Broadband Network years, no eons ago, we would have seen an optical fibre connection for all households, or satellite where that wasn’t possible. Then came the Liberal government who decided the might do things cheaper, it wasn’t, and now it’s a mix of technologies, but mostly a lot of copper still connects us, but less than before.

Finally, our house gets migrated to Fibre to the Node NBN in just over a week, moving us from the pathetic 4Mbps we’ve barely survived on for years to the 50Mbps we’ve chosen from a maximum 100Mbps. We elected not to go the 100 account due to cost and no great need at the moment, plus they often seem to have problems really delivering it from what I hear due to congestion.

I for one look forward to being able to update my devices quickly, being able to watch content in 4K, and not waiting an eternity for web pages to load on occasion.

I hear stories connection to the NBN can be potentially problematic to start with, fingers crossed no issues as my last need to call iiNet support saw my having to wait 1.5 hours just to talk to anyone – not happy Jan!

One year ago… gone

It is strange to think that a year has passed since since my little brother committed suicide. Not having seen him for several years prior to his passing, mum’s phone call following confusing messages from extended family on Facebook just gutted me.

Being 13 years older than Haydn I’d helped bring him up, including feeding, changing nappies, playing games with, and teaching various things. I hadn’t been told by some in the family of his intense depression, thus I never had a chance to try help, which I think cuts the most.

The past year has seen me battle my own depression as a result of his loss, though not to the same extent I’ll add. Many a tear has been shed, and I’ve spent many a dollar talking to a psychologist. Sadly the whole experience doesn’t seemed to have changed things in the family, it still seems as divided as it was before, though it became overt once Haydn’s insurance payout came through.

I have been blessed to have the support of a wonderful friend at work, Vicki. I am grateful for her friendship, she has made the past year far easier and less stressful. Thank you xx

Not sure I’d cope

Yesterday I visited my good friend who owns a food wholesaling business here in Perth, Western Australia: Kiss Kiss Pastizzi.

Manuela had initially started her business as a cafe within one of the larger shopping malls in Perth’s eastern suburbs, however location within and embellished foot traffic figures didn’t yield much needed customers to make it a viable concern.

Not one to take a kick to the guts, Manuela transformed into a wholesaler and launched headlong into supplying the food service industry. Pastizzi, a Maltese finger food, was far better known in the eastern states than here in the west, thus there was the barrier to overcome of “what is it?”

Like all small businesses it has been a hard slog, many hours by her and her young daughters, including having to deal with more recent turbulent times within the Western Australian economy leading to businesses economising on their food spend.

I admire how much they have put into the business, it is often working long hours 7 days per week with few days each year to relax and unwind. Their hard slog was recently rewarded when Qantas selected their Gourmet Spinach and Ricotta Pastizzi to be served to business class passengers on the new Dreamliner flights direct Perth-London.

Kiss Kiss Pastizzi‘s products are amazing, I speak from sampling many times and way too many at each sampling.