iOS 10

Thursday’s release of iOS 10 initially came with some caution, some early adopters having their devices bricked. Thankfully by the time I awoke several hours later Apple had managed to resolve whatever the problem was with their initial code, or perhaps it pertained to something else, who knows. I decided given it was in excess of 1GB I might download at work as my speedy 6Mbps internet speed at home would make for a slow upgrade, this ended up being a very smart decision, it took just 2-3 minutes to download the package.

Reading about updates and experiencing them I think are often two different things, for months I had had been reading on various sites the pending changes in iOS 10, but it wasn’t until I started having a play with this latest update that I came to appreciate things. One particular update I very much appreciate was the change to unlocking the phone on my iPhone 6S Plus, it used to annoy me in iOS 9 that it would unlock immediately when I’d press the home button, I could never see the notices on the lock screen, iOS 10 finally fixes this. But perhaps my favourite change, and related, is the raise to wake functionality, and I guess this is actually stolen from the Android camp, I’m sure I’ve seen this before, but I so love it, I can see the notifications and choose to unlock and see things or just ignore.

One thing that annoys me in iOS 10 is that Facebook notifications don’t seem to allow me to go directly to the item, I could do this previously, but trying to do so now no longer does anything other than take my to the Facebook app. The following day post-install I parked my car at work and whilst working to my building got my phone out of my jacket pocket, to my surprise Maps had a notification that it had marked the location of my car for me, I hadn’t been using Maps – given I know how to get to work, but a nifty feature for when you might need it I guess.

I’m dying for friends and family to convert to this latest upgrade so I might try the enhanced version of Messages, it’s all gimmicks I know, but just a bit of fun. The balloons feature will be cool for people’s birthdays at least.

iOS 10 so far seems to work better too with my car’s Bluetooth than did iOS 9, that release I had problems with it dropping out or stopping play. Time will tell if it continues to perform well, but I can only hope.

Next update, the new macOS.


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