Horror WP migration

I don’t often use WordPress for anything other than blogging, but decided to use it for a client website due to their desire to self-maintain and zero experience with web maintenance. They wanted to keep costs down, so I decided to use a pre-designed theme due to all you get for next to no cost, my developing custom themes for them could never match the equivalent cost is for sure. I had never used one before, so it was quite the eye opener, they both provide you a lot and they don’t. There’s quite a few plug-ins with the one chosen, great, but the documentation was a little lax, bugger.

So I ended up having to spend a lot more time on this site than I’d planned for, and had costed, chalked up to lessons learned and inexperience with a custom theme and its quirks. It has been good experience though.

Finally, last night I went to migrate the site from my MacBook Air to their selected hosting environment, what a nightmare it ended up being. The host had limited uploads to 2MB and the theme was 3.5Mb, thankfully I ended up finding that the limitation only existed within WordPress (PHP limitation), I was able to get around it by using an FTP upload and unpacking the .zip archive on the server and moving the folder to the themes folder.

I couldn’t migrate the site either, so was forced to rebuild the entire site from scratch, thank god it was being done at night, not an ideal solution. I am not sure I would use this again, it was  a terrible way to migrate a site, it just shouldn’t be this hard. Will look at alternate solutions I think.


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