macOS 10.12: A few quirks

It’s been a busy time recently with upgrades, what with updates to my Adobe Creative Cloud apps that were preparing for macOS, then the arrival of iOS 10, and a week later macOS Sierra (10.12). It is as well we have an unlimited download internet account at home as both Jodie and I need updating our Macs, at 4.77GB per update it all adds up.

The iOS 10 update has gone relatively well, though that was itself update with a 56MB 10.0.2 update the other day, pretty recent to the main release which is unusual. I really like this update, though there’s a few things I would change to do with notifications connecting to their apps as existed in previous releases.

macOS Sierra feels like a minor release to me, the biggest change came in its renaming and adding Siri, which I have to say is just a total gimmick as it doesn’t work well by comparison to its iOS namesake. Attempting to use Siri to do certain tasks like opening applications can be hit and miss, my first attempt was to open Photoshop, it failed badly, first go it did a web search; second go it loaded Adobe Fireworks, at least it got the correct vendor, just wrong application. One of the touted features of being able to search the web for photos I have not been able to replicate, I don’t use the Photos app as I am a Lightroom user and just don’t need Photos, thus if this is required I am prevented from exploring that functionality. I also find Siri in macOS doesn’t understand as well, and I use that term loosely, as in iOS, perhaps this comes down to microphone technology within the iPhone?

Sadly another feature it offers to offload used storage to the cloud and free up your hard drive for other files isn’t truly viable yet for most in Australia, we’re a bit bloody backwards over here and still awaiting the release of internet fast enough to take advantage of this; for most of us this is still anywhere between 1-4 years away and a failure of our country.

Today I whipped out my backup drive to have Time Machine bring itself up-to-date only to discover the Sierra has a Time Machine bug, and sadly it looks like we’ll have to wait for Apple to get around to releasing an update to macOS for it to be fixed. It’s a tad annoying for a company that makes both sides of the coin (hardware and o/s) that it cannot get something like this working fully at release.

One major item coming for Sierra in Q1 next year is a major update to our filesystem, the current one has been in use for several decades now and is looking long in the tooth. The Apple File System will be used across all Apple products and is optimised for solid state storage which didn’t exist when the current HFS+ file system was created.

In general I like macOS, though I find it hard to notice much difference between 10.11 and 10.12. I do like the name change though.



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