To detect gibberish entered, or not?

In our continuing efforts to improve our Expression of Interest form at work my supervisor suggested we extend the form’s functionality from the basics the vendor provides. The first enhancement was achieved simply by adding a date picker to date fields using jQuery and the Kendo UI library that the vendor thankfully includes. My initial attempt did hit a brick wall if the use changed the date though, the system didn’t like the returned date in this instance and I had to find how to null the previous date when selecting the next. I eventually got there with a setting built into the datepicker widget itself, so all hunky-dory as they say.

His next suggestion was that people not be able to enter garbage into text boxes, completely understand that, we don’t want a project title of asdfasdhfka being entered. I did eventually find a script called isGibberish on the website to help detect gibberish text, though I found whilst it did seem to detect rubbish text it also would reject text that might be legitimate.

This beggared the question, was the potential odd person entering gibberish into one of the fields worth annoying those users who enter legitimate text and are faced with a rejection by this script? Our user base already has an acceptance problem with the software, so I think it best not to give them further reason to dislike.


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