Vendor broke our DEV

I’ve been busy since late week preparing updated documentation for our the upgrade to our research administration system. I have been getting through each of the sections, some of them entirely new to me, and yesterday was working on budgets and cost sharing, and sub-awards. I saved my document and headed home Monday afternoon with intent to pick things up Tuesday morning. 

I got into work this morning and fired up the system, opened my test record, clicked on personnel and CRASH. I’m sorry, WTF! That worked yesterday. So I did the same, just in case it was a bug, and again the same crash. I thought maybe I might just try clicking on the budget, it too crashed. Something was very wrong here. 

My supervisor finally arrived just as I’d finished trying the budget and could ask if he’d done something to the system after I left yesterday, only a widget which has zero implications of a DEV system’s functionality. I ended up submitting a critical report to the vendor citing they had done something overnight that must have broken the system. We got feedback from them a little later that indeed they had deployed some changes overnight that hadn’t fully taken and weren’t rolled back, these had broken the system as seen. 

We’ve had so many problems with our systems lately, not vendor fault though, data centre moves, I’m honestly looking forward to these digital equivalent of creases being ironed out and we just get back to things functioning. 


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