First day of two weeks annual leave kicked off today, nice to get up late rather than roll the wheels and park my arse in the office chair. I decided to check out the movie Snowden starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, telling the story of Edward Snowden from his days in the army hoping to become a member of the Special Forces, to eventually revealing his country was spying on its own people and many many more.

The movie flits back and forth between Snowden telling his story to select reporters in a Hong Kong hotel room, and showing us points in time that help us to understand Snowden’s life and what eventually led him to revealing the NSA’s spying regime. He initially trained at the CIA and received his training, the initial test expected to last 5 hours, he demonstrated clear skill finishing in 38 minutes by thinking out of the box.

Snowden was keen to serve his country, especially given he would not do so as a soldier, and upon completing his CIA training expected to be deployed but learned he would be needed to fight a new kind of war, cyber warfare. He ended up working around the world, Geneva, Japan and Hawaii, and the stress he endured ended up seeing him diagnosed with Epilepsy following a seizure when back in Maryland that eventually saw him agreeing to what would be his final appointment in Hawaii before outing the NSA’s activities.

It was incredible seeing how he managed to outwit security and get data out of a high security facility, so simple but effective given no one would expect it. The end of the movie had a bit of a twist, a good one. Worth a watch if you’ve not seen it, the story may be familiar given its news coverage, but you’ll get a lot more background and all well acted.


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