Siri: Doesn’t quite understand, can you repeat that?

When Siri first came out it was quite the revolution, being able to talk to your iPhone and have it understand (some of) what you want it to do, like adding a calendar appointment. However it never was quite all that, it seemed to struggle to understand what you wanted, most especially if you were not from North America, as I am, even though an English speaker.

Apple went on the make further improvements to Siri, especially since competition came from its rival platform, Android, that was certainly able to do more. Improvements to Siri and its capabilities did seem to result in the platform being able to recognise more and more, however to this date I have to say I remain underwhelmed by it, and it remains but a novelty factor.

Today I bought myself one of the new Apple TV’s featuring Siri, bugger me if it could understand even a single command said to it, this was prior to my upgrading its software to tvOS 10.0.2, but surely it should have been capable of understanding “Launch App Store” or “Open App Store” surely? But no, I may as well have been speaking Chinese.

Last week Google announced its new phone, Google Pixel, and I have to say I was particularly impressed when one journalist in a busy room with may others talking managed to get the phone’s assistant to recognise everything he said, not a thing was missed. Incredible. Were I not so wed to my iPhone I’d dump to bloody thing for this phone, though I do find it to be a tad overpriced for the hardware offered.

One thing is certain, Siri is in need of a major upgrade in terms of its ability to understand users and its ability to handle tasks. It must be able to handle queries as demonstrated by Google within a noisy room and not rely upon a quiet room.

EDIT: I’m now starting to think perhaps my remote’s microphones aren’t functional, so returning my Apple TV back to JB HiFi for a replacement as it doesn’t respond to anything.


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