Travellers knees

What is the measure of an economy class seat? How tall is the average airline ‘test’ passenger I wonder, and does this ‘test’ passenger regularly shrink that space we are assigned between rows diminishes?

I’ve just returned from a quick trip to Melbourne for my birthday and four days on my knees are still yet to recover from two flights and two day tours. At an average height of 6ft1 you might think people like myself would be catered for in airline seating, and indeed coaches too. I would hypothesise that airlines consider everyone flying to be a standard height of 5ft8 and shrinking; and coaches perhaps 5ft7 as they’re even worse still.

The cramped conditions I sat in flying to Melbourne didn’t just leave me with tenderised knees, they also managed to affect my back injury as I had constantly fidgeted throughout the flight to try and get comfortable. If only Business Class were more comfortable, I would certainly pay the extra to avoid the discomfort experienced.

Oh Lotto, where fore arte thou?


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