I last travelled to Melbourne in mid-2005 briefly before travelling with family to Tasmania for a week. Then a quick day and half visit I barely had enough time to unpack before I was again at the airport. My latest visit wasn’t a great deal longer at just 4 days, but this time I at least got to experience a little more of this city. 

Living in Perth, Western Australia I do tend to find my own city a tad lacking as it’s a younger city, smaller and few older structures of interest. Contrast this to Melbourne that is slightly older but is littered with many older buildings. This city also differs from mine in that it has a light rail system (trams) whereas my own uses buses. 

The public transport system now uses the Myki pass rather than accepting cash, it was a tad difficult to recash when you ran low and weren’t familiar with the system. My first experience with doing an add on took about 3 minutes as I’d initially chosen the wrong option, poor design made it harder for me to know which was the correct process. It is also annoying that all tram stops don’t have a recharge station, I caught the tram on my way to the airport and in doing so my Myki was rejected due to insufficient credit. Thankfully I was only going a few stops and could add a few bucks then, but annoying my starting station had no check/add machine as available at some locations. I wonder if they offer an auto debit feature as we have in Perth for our Transperth card, it means never having to self-reload as it auto reloads a predefined amount once your card hits $5 credit. 

I wish I had had more time in the city, most of my time was taken up on tours whilst there, thus I never really got to do much in the city itself. The one day I did have available I did enjoy walking around in search of a cafe for breakfast whilst enjoying the greenery and architecture. I did find it a tad difficult to find cafes in the end, more a time constraint I think, I would have loved to explore far more than I did. 

I had some fantastic food whilst in the city eating at RMB Cafe and Il Tempo Degraves, both made wonderful cappuccinos to boot. 

It is often suggested the city is a four seasons in a day city, I lucked out for the most part on my visit getting lovely mild weather with the exception of my final day during which the heavens opened up around midday. 

Until next time, and longer the for sure. 


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