Warm-up session

At work today we had our planning day, the first I’ve had with my new area since joining them a little over a year ago, so I had no idea of what to expect. It was a little different to what i had expected, and a little interesting too. Why? Well we started off with a representative from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) getting us to perform a variety of exercises for the first hour. Perhaps the most confronting of these exercises was to have us looking into one another’s eyes for 10 seconds, it is such a personal thing to do that many found it quite difficult without laughing.

At the end of our eye gazing exercise we had to tell our partner something about them we liked, it wasn’t entirely easy to quickly come up with something even though you may like much about them; I think I failed majorly here, though improved by the time I came to face our Director. One exercise had us facing one everyone in a circle and having to call their name, clap and swap sides, of course my mind decided to forget everyone’s names at this moment didn’t it; I generally have a poor memory for people’s names.

Several other exercises proved fun and challenging, marching on the spot and having to rotate in order on decreasing step counts in sequence with the previous row. We all did quite well at this, sort of felt like a marching band. Our final challenge was one of throwing mini bean bags to someone and having to remember who threw it to us, and who we’d thrown it to. Knowing this the challenge truly began, multiple bags were then introduced and started flying at staggered intervals to see how we’d cope, would we focus on the bags flying around or just the person who’d throw the bag to us?

It was a fun exercise, and different from any others I’ve experienced in all my years at the university, even learned a thing or two.


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