Dreamweaver 2017

I was sitting at work waiting for a lunchtime appointment to arrive the other day when finally the wifi kicked in on my MacBook Air to the on-campus network, yet despite I wasn’t able to connect to my personal emails, that I was needing for the meeting. Suddenly though my creative cloud app came to life announcing updates for most of the apps I have installed, photoshop, illustrator, bridge, indesign and dreamweaver. 

I took advantage of the on-campus network’s speed of course to download the multi gig update, downloading at home would have taken hours instead of 20 minutes or so. When I got home that night I checked out what had changed, and didn’t Dreamweavet 2017 just get perhaps its biggest update since Adobe bought Macromedia many years ago and took stock of the app. 

One of the biggest complaints about Dreamweaver has often been how bloated the application has become, it was often very slow and no matter the platform you were often faced with pauses for one reason or another. On my Mac I’d no sooner start the previous version up and be hit with the beach ball for 20-30 seconds, I’d honestly started using Coda and Textwrangler to do a number of edits wherever I might avoid using the app. 

The latest version has done away with the in-app preview mode, instead it is now providing a live preview mode connected with web browsers, as you update within Dreamweaver you can see your changes reflected in the browser itself. The effectiveness of this change really is limited I think to dual screen setups, however I don’t know that we developers truly need to see realtime changes, so laptop use is doable. 

Changes to the code editor are also very nice, and it would seem Adobe has been taking a big look at their competitors here, I did notice in one of their preview vids the ability to enter code across multiple lines, I can’t recall the product off-hand but I do know there is an editor that has offered this functionality for a few years. Updates to code hints are also quite nice. 

It will be interesting to read the reviews of this latest version and to see industry reaction to the changes, many had led ones upon those who’d used Dreamweaver as lesser developers for doing so, I wonder would this update shift their thinking at all?


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