Sometimes the web is so archane

We are now at the tail end of what has been an almost 5 month upgrade process to our research administration system. The process has been complicated for us this year due to the university having also externalised its serves to a cloud services provider, their having very rigid rules that caused our vendor repeated problems maintaining their access.

We’ve also had repeated problems with our vendor when patching the system, no sooner had one problem been fixed when another would be introduced. Such was the case the other day when our eForm as a tab suddenly developed a nasty case of dual scrollbars whenever hidden sections were revealed. The fault lay with an <iframe> height growing to larger than the height of the containing <div>, thus it is told to scroll. We’ve now been forced to submit a ticket to request this be looked at, it’s not a good look when launching to users with this (lack of) functionality and telling them to work around it, we’re likely to get more than a few complaints.

It is such annoyances that truly highlights the real limitations of the web and how constricted it is, that javascript hacks are require to cover for HTML faults when an <iframe> gets used. Why can’t the container just adapt without added help?


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