Ovarian cancer

I last saw my Aunt Bev back in the mid-1980’s when a teenager, so I didn’t really know her any my Uncle John terribly well. A few years ago, in her early 70s, she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, which sadly today claimed her life at the age of 75.

It is so sad that you live a long life not to pass in your sleep from old age, but in pain from this horrid disease. I lost my God Mother a few months ago to Pancreatic Cancer just 2 weeks after her diagnosis, the only good thing for her was not suffering a protracted battle like Bev.

My step-mother, Joy, has since Bev’s diagnosis posted daily posts of roses on Facebook to try boost her spirits as best she might from hundreds of kilometres away. Bev often commented how much the gesture meant to her.

Let’s hope that a cure for this and other cancers is not too far off, it would be nice to know that a diagnosis is no longer met with fear but the knowledge we can cure it. RIP Aunt Bev.


2 thoughts on “Ovarian cancer

  1. I saw an article this morning on The West Australian newspaper website (https://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/33272050/i-told-her-it-was-ok-to-go-to-sleep-cancer-stricken-girl-shares-final-cuddle-with-dad-before-death/#page1) that would just break the most hardened of hearts. So horrible when you see children dying from cancer. It reminds me of when I was in Year 5 and a girl in my class had her brother die from Leukaemia, I hardly knew her but have never forgotten her loss as I could never imagine it at that age. Just so sad when children die from this, never have an opportunity to live their lives and experience so many things.


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