Facebook: Minus the face, add the ads

Is it just me or are others noticing a big rise in the amount of junk, sorry I mean ‘sponsored posts’ turning up in their Facebook timelines nowadays? 

Gone are the days when it used to be the babbling friend who’d ramble on about something we might just roll our eyes at, now we have to scroll through all these unwanted damned ads purporting to be posts made by our friends. I had hoped my trusty friend AdBlocker Pro and variants thereof might help me out with removing this junk, but it would seems Facebook isn’t playing nice and is changing its code regularly to stop any ad blocking attempts. 

I for one am sick of having to click the drop arrow and say I don’t want to see these ads. Can they now be moved to the side and not be in the timeline where they’re more intrusive? Perhaps adjust the sidebar width if ad size is a problem giving advertisers a few months lead time to adjust for new size changes. 


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