MacBook Pro migration

After a 3.5 week wait the new MacBook Pro 2016 with touch bar finally arrived this afternoon. In preparation for its arrival I went to back up my MacBook Air yesterday with time machine and promptly hit a snag, the latest upgrade to macOS, version 10.12.2, had introduced an old bug related to USB external drives and just kept ejecting the drive after a few minutes. 

So that threw a particularly large spanner in the works, I would now have to migrate my MacBook Air via a different method. Thankfully Apple provides a migration assistant and this allows several methods of migration other than using the time machine drive, wifi networks and use of Ethernet or thunderbolt cables is also possible. 

Never was I more grateful to have bought the USB C to thunderbolt adaptor from Apple than I was at this point, for now I had an alternate means of migration; wifi just wasn’t going to be considered with nearly 300GB to transfer. 

In unpackaging my new machine I have to say I had but one gripe, the power supply, and no I am not one of those tools complaining about the battery. Indeed I talk here about the power brick and the USB C cable, the cable is not at all long, I feel short changed having gone from a particularly long cable on all previous Apple computers to this miserly thing, and I’ve paid a lot more for this machine than any of the others. 

The machine looks fantastic, looking forward to having a play once the migration completes. 


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