MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

What strikes you initially about the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, other than the fact that it’s now offered in a glorious new space grey colour, is that starting up this new generation machine is no longer announced with the traditional “boom” that has always greeted Mac users. Also, opening the lid of the laptop is all that is necessary to turn on the computer now, no need to press a key/power button as before.

The setup procedure was mostly the same as with previous macOS installs, though with the addition of Touch ID you are now asked to go through the setup procedure familiar to iPhone users in registering a finger print. Following this you have facility to set up Apple Pay, though there’s not a great deal of use for this at the moment in Australia, so few financial institutions support here at the moment that we just live in hope.

The new Touch Bar is quite a nice addition, I find myself using it both as a novelty because it is there, and also as a new tool. Prior to receipt of the MacBook Pro I’d read someone’s suggestion of replacing the Siri button with Screenshot, having done so I completely agree, such a great idea as it simplifies the process so much.

The new second generation keyboard, upgraded from that first introduced with the MacBook, is actually quite nice to type on. I’d read a number of people on forums saying they thought it was more difficult for touch typers to user due to less travel space between the keys, I haven’t found this to be honest, it’s really quite comfortable. One thing you do notice using it is that it is definitely louder to type on than older-style keyboards with a softer keypress, but I think I actually do prefer this style more.

This is my first computer with a retina screen and it is just gorgeous. Having both it and my MacBook Air side-by-side I really could notice the colour differences between the two laptops, the colour just pops. It is also wonderful to have the extra screen real estate, I am running on the ‘more space’ setting, I think this is at 1920 by 1200 effective pixels, an wonderful upgrade from having worked on laptops at 1440 by 900 for many years.

Migrating to from the MacBook Air to the MacBook Pro was a lot slower than I thought it might otherwise have been. Apple had just released an upgrade to macOS (v10.12.2) a day or two before the laptop arrived, so I upgraded as I knew the Pro had issues relating to battery and graphics and was keen to hit the ground running as best I could. Unfortunately this upgrade re-introduced a problem for USB external drives and kept ejecting the drive I used for my Time Machine backups, so I ended up having to migrate via Thunderbolt cable for the first time. I had thought this method might even go faster than via Time Machine, how wrong I was, it actually proved slower taking several hours; this was of course after I had to first complete upgrading to 10.12.2 on the Pro. In the end all worked perfectly, just the usual re-authenticating within Office and a few other apps to prove ownership.

I just visited local Mac reseller MacWorx today and scored myself a Fruwt sleeve for the Pro for a whopping $14.95, I am totally stoked as this will fully protect my new machine from any scratches. Loving the new MacBook Pro.


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