Flowcharting with Visio

On Thursday afternoon I had one of the managers suggest we may need to amend our out-of-process workflow , of course this is something my supervisor would be responsible for, but he’s away in the UK till late January. I only knew of the workflow, just none of the details. 

To familiarise myself I thought I’d map the workflow in Visio as I had recently done for a few other workflows. As I set pen to paper I quickly came to understand this OOP workflow was not as small at the others I’d done, it was particularly involved and would have connectors running all over the place. 

Monday morning I sat down to begin diagramming and finalising what I’d started. I’m by no means a Visio expert, far from it, but can make a reasonable-enough diagram. As I began laying things out and this beast grew and grew I truly came to appreciate the application, the ability to move my process boxes around for better flow is so much better than pencil and eraser haha. 

One thing that I really have come to appreciate is the need to learn more about diagramming and even Visio so as to produce higher quality diagrams. What I generated today works but has so many overlaying lines due to complexity I wonder if more experienced diagrammers might produce something far better. 

For now at least I have something that allows me, and others to follow the processes from start to finish depending on how things are awarded and approved, or not. 


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