Parallels for Mac 12 headache

Went to try Windows 10 within my Parallels virtual pic environment this morning, something I’ve used now for several years to test sites. I was keen to see how it might perform on the new Mac given far more RAM and graphics hardware, one word, nightmare!

It would seem that the migration process just over a week ago didn’t go so well for poor Parallels and it was in serious need of resuscitation. Their suggestion on the website of editing contents of the .pvm file failed to work. Thankfully I had yet to wipe the old MacBook Air and was able to install within the Windows 10 install a migration application from Parallels to export itself to a hard disk. 

The thought of having to download and install Windows 10 again on Christmas Eve when I am yet to do my shopping, yes I am that person, just freaks me out. Hopefully this solution works. 

On a positive note, plugged Mac into external monitor via the thunderbolt dongle, worked a treat after I turned mirroring off. Phew. 


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