Again with the Daylight Savings debate

It seems every few years when the media is short a story they recycle in Western Australia the old ‘Does WA need Daylight Savings?’ debate. Our state has had a number of referenda in which the people have voted against this, yet the media just cannot seem to accept the will of the people, instead it is intent of inflicting the desire of the corporate world upon the people.

Channel 7 Perth recently recycled the debate on its Facebook website, and news broadcast, thus I contributed my 10 cents worth as am fed up with constantly being asked to vote on this having already done so a few times. Why must we have daylight savings in the summer period at all, a time when Western Australia enjoys an abundance of daylight? The sunlight streams through my blinds from before 5am till around 8pm, is 15 hours of sunlight clearly not enough for people to live their lives? To walk, cycle and run, to socialise and perhaps work.

One person responded, so far, to my Facebook comment on the Channel 7 poll suggesting that “clearly you don’t work for a national company, do you?” Do you vote based upon company lines? I suggested that instead you stagger staff start times so you have some staff starting when the east opens, then the rest of the staff at normal times for the state. It may even be more simple as only occasionally starting early as needed.

We don’t need daylight savings here in the west, nor does the east need to continue with it, we live in a country blessed with an abundance of light in the summer months. Find a new story media outlets, surely our world is big enough you need not recycle this every few years?


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