The poor me crowd: First worlders 

If you’re on Facebook then no doubt you’ve come across the poor me crowd who’ve jumped on the bandwagon to complain how shithouse 2016 has been for them. Are they goddam kidding me, turn on the news and have a look at just how good you have it before you complain you’re so hard up this year. 

For several years now there has been the ongoing civil war in Syria that has seen millions displaced to Europe and Scandinavia. There are millions upon millions in this world who each day don’t have enough to eat, nor have clean water to drink. 

We in first world countries are so fortunate, we have clean water and an abundance of food options to choose from. If we are unfortunate enough to become unemployed many countries provide us with unemployment support for either a period of time or longer. Yet we often forget how good we have it as we’ve never lived in squalid conditions, most likely never gone a day without a meal, and likely never been displaced by conflict. Our hardest decision might be to choose between chicken or beef at dinner, watching tv or going to a movie, or playing with the kids. 

We first worlders don’t really have good reason to complain about 2016 being a bad year, do we? Does a few celebrity deaths equate to an annus horribilis? For me it was generally an good year, change of job for the first time in many years; learning I have a nephew on the way; several holidays overseas and locally; and getting a nice new MacBook Pro. 

I guess the overall message is to appreciate what you have and not get caught up in thinking some things are much bigger than they are, perhaps they are mile hills not mountains. 


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