Bad and aggressive drivers

Here in Perth we’re often accused of being “shit drivers”, worst in Australia. I think it’s perhaps because our road rules are perhaps slightly different from those in the east, who knows?

One thing is for sure I have seen a crap load of awful drivers here in the 18 years I have been driving, and an awful lot of aggressive drivers over the past few years. Lately I have seen so many drivers rapidly weaving in and out of other cars, some dangerously close because clearly they are confident in their skill. Their aggression on the road is so evident, I have even experienced this sitting at the lights waiting for the light to go green, the very millisecond the light went green the person behind me tooted their horn, I was so annoyed at their impatience.


The other day an inattentive driver, clearly had to be paying more attention to their mobile phone, hit a 23 year old motorbike driver sitting at the lights, he was sadly sent flying forward into oncoming traffic, his injuries so bad he eventually died; others were also injured as they’d caused a 5-car pile up. It makes me so mad that these drivers spend time on their phones and others are injured or killed as a result of their selfishness, I myself had a late-teens driver crash into me in 2014 when she decided the road deserved less of her attention than her phone.

Some solution needs be found to disable phones when we’re driving, to prevent drivers from making use of their devices to discourage access. Removing the temptation and distraction of these devices from those who clearly are easily distracted is a must. I wonder if perhaps a short-term solution is for our phone manufacturers to implement a speed detection mode, if detected it implements silent mode to prevent distractions to drivers.


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