Our research management system upgrade concluded after five months in November, bringing with it a raft of improvements, but also so many bugs. One of the most annoying impacts of our upgrade has been ongoing problems with latency, and funnily enough it’s impact seems to be worse the lower on the pecking order you get. 

From our home screen we typically access a grant by hovering over the record number and awaiting a pop-up menu. For administrators, like me, this pops up relatively quickly, but for someone with fewer rights this menu can take anywhere up to 10 seconds to appear. 

The latency is also inconsistent throughout the system, for instance, when I need to run a raft of reports I might accidentally select the wrong name and need to rerequest the report. One my first go I may take 10 seconds for the list of reports to display, on the next just 5, but try again and it might go up to 30. 

Prior to our upgrade we didn’t experience issues related to latency in any great way, factors that could possibly have contributed to where we now sit include:

  • The version installed has a problem
  • IT’s move to cloud provider – but unlikely
  • New server was built to install – setting/s
  • New load balancer has issues
  • Oracle 12c issue? 

Thankfully last week our vendor was working on the system and noticed one item timed out after a three minute wait, something up till that point we’d never been able to illustrate except in videos. Now we have them investigating as they’ve experienced first-hand, it felt so good. 


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