2016 MacBook Pro: First month

I’ve had my new MacBook Pro (late-2016) for just over a month now, and generally I would say am happy with it. I was lucky that I got it a bit later than some others in that I never experienced any of the early graphics issues, the update to macOS arrived just days before my machine was delivered.

I customised my standard Touch Bar setup to replace the Siri button with one for screenshots, but one thing I am noticing about the Touch Bar is that I frequently hit it accidentally when I go to hit the delete key, thus am having to escape regularly from taking screenshots.

Perhaps the thing I struggle most with is the force touch trackpad, I’ve actually found this quite difficult to use effectively. When trying to drag items from one place to another I often end up activating force touch when I don’t want it, it can be quite annoying. Having to carry dongles is also a tad annoying, nothing in USB-C means having to have these adaptors at the ready to access existing tech.

One annoyance non-machine related, but rather macOS related, lies with Mail and its refusal to obey defined rules. I have a rule set up when a specific email came in to move and then forward a copy to someone; well it does the first part no problem, but now no longer forwards a copy, only since upgrading to macOS. I’m kind of hoping it’s just a matter of an update to macOS that will resolve this bug.


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