Australia Day?

There’s a lot of debate within our country at the moment about whether Australia Day should change because there is a sense it excludes Aboriginal people.

Since the British first colonised this country it is certainly fair to say Aboriginal people have copped the rough end of the pineapple. They have been killed by those who feared them, robbed of their children, denied even the status of human being – for what reason it fails me. They have fought alongside their fellow Australians in wars but did not receive the same recognition at their peers, or at all. 

To this day copious amounts of money is spent on Aboriginal affairs in this country, however it is doubtful how much actually benefits those who need it, instead too much probably gets wasted on red tape and committees. Our Aboriginal people have poor health and living conditions despite living in a first world country, their conditions are comparable to that of third world in areas. 

Australia has come a long way from where it once was in its treatment of Aboriginal people, and years ago finally offered them a deserved apology for stealing their children – a blight on our nation’s past. I argue that we should change not Australia Day, this day does include Aboriginal people, it includes all who call it home. 

Perhaps an alternate proposal is to add an additional day on which we specifically celebrate Aboriginal culture and get to learn more about them and their history. At schools they could include lessons to develop greater understanding about this too, I know during my own schooling we had Aboriginal dancers on several occasions, but no explanations. Build a whole picture. 


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