Look to history and hope lessons are learned

In the 1930s the Germans were wooed by an Austrian who knew what to say, knew what they wanted to hear. His rise to power would ultimately doom the country to another war, which they would lose, and the most despicable crimes against mankind we’ve seen, so many people murdered because people refused to stand up and question what he was doing. Sadly Hitler suicided, avoiding punishment for his war crimes and denying the world and victims families justice. 

Ever since the events of September 11th 2001 when planes flew into the twin towers of New York, as well as the Pentagon and the field in Pennsylvania, there has been a noticeable rise in xenophobia, but most especially attacks against followers of Islam. In recent years Muslim women who wear the various forms of dress (e.g., niqab, hijab and burqa) have faced constant attack by the media and governments who fear what they do not understand. I have often wondered what it must be like for them since the twin tower attacks and heightened interest in their garb, I can only liken it to my own experience of long term bullying and how demoralising an experience that was. 

More recently we have seen the protracted period to determine who might become President of the United States. I honestly don’t know how the Americans can stand such a long election campaign, for us in Australia hitting six weeks is just about the limit, so 18 months is nigh on ridiculous. When Donald Trump announced I don’t think anyone believed he’d get in, and I do wonder if he even thought he’d make the distance. As time progressed he managed to whittle down his opponents until he received his party’s nomination, we were all a tad shocked and grossly disappointed to say the least. 

I honestly did think he would lose to Hillary Clinton, I just didn’t know how people could vote for a person who disrespected basically everyone who wasn’t super rich – they did appear to be the only ones he didn’t insult during his campaign. It was shown he disrespected women, was xenophobic, had weird policies and lacked experience within politics; he could say whatever he wanted yet it mattered not. And he still got in, clearly they did not want Hillary. 

Even before he was sworn in he was upsetting the Chinese saying he’d review the long held policy on Taiwan being considered China and not its own country. In his first week since being sworn in he’s already signed many executive orders, he’s going to build his wall separating the USA from Mexico and has upset Mexico who refuse, naturally, to pay for it. He’s banning entry to the country from seven Muslim-led countries, though the Federal court has put a stop to this already, albeit temporary, and Trump has had to back track on Greencard holders. 

Trump has barely started and he’s already getting many people off side. Whilst his approach to business may have gotten him somewhere in the past he may find bullying countries won’t get him where he wants. Sometimes diplomacy is required. I wonder where we will find ourselves in four years time. Will California have voted to ‘calexit’ in 2018? How much damage might he have done? Or will his tone have changed with time? I hope but do not expect it, he worries me and many others I think. 

If only Americans had gone with Hillary. 


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