For once I’ll agree with trump, Australia is dumping it’s problems on others

Much is being written by journalists at the moment on the first phone call between US President Donald Trump and our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, apparently Trump hung up on him around 30 minutes or so into the call as he’s ticked off with a deal the former administration made with our own. The deal, to take 1,250 refugees currently located on Manus Island and resettle them in the United States.

These refugees came to Australia in search of a better life, many fleeing countries that are war-torn, or in which they face persecution for their religious beliefs or racial background.  Australia took a hard line to restrict illegal arrivals by boat as our media blew out of proportion the problem, like a dog with a bone they made it sound like we had a massive problem, indeed it was minuscule by comparison the problems faced in Europe and other countries. It is our nation’s shame that we seek to have another take on our responsibility, we have the financial resources to do so and should do so.

I would rarely be seen to agree with Donald Trump, and I hope it the last time, but on this occasion I think he’s right, the United States should not take these people, Australia should.


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