Cloud storage: Great when you’ve got speed

On Thursday, my baby sister and her husband had their first child, a little boy Elliot. After I met him the following day I went to sync some photos from my iPhone to Photos on my MacBook Pro for the first time, I typically use Lightroom so my first time using Photos. I ended up having to purchase 50GB iCloud storage as the iPhone had just a few photos – at $1.49/month I didn’t give a crap.


Leaving it at just the photos to sync might have been fine, I guess, but I decided with all this extra storage I might just store some of my files on the cloud too. Unfortunately for me we are not yet on the National Broadband Network, Australia’s pathetic attempt at a high-speed Internet that most know is really just a half-arsed implementation. In any case, we are still no on this, not for at least another year, thus we’re only on 6Mbps down and roughly 700Kbps upload. It’s painful, though I have heard of some at work who are way worse in much older suburbs.

So I decided to upload roughly 6GB files to iCloud, it is so slow to upload I have almost been tempted to piggyback my workplace’s network just to get the damned upload completed. I trimmed things back to 4.5GB and we’re now at 3GB uploaded, many hours later. I can’t wait for even the half-arsed NBN to turn up to make the cloud-based storage options viable; also to give me 4K Netflix as we’ve 2 such televisions in the house.

I’m sure glad when I purchased my new MacBook Pro late last year that I never enabled that option to offload files to iCloud and gain space, forget what it was called, I don’t even want to contemplate how many years that might have taken to upload a few hundred gigabytes haha.

Google Docs and Sheets

On a separate note, but sort of related, a shout out to Google for Google Docs and Google Sheets. I got into using Sheets in October last year when Microsoft Excel had a nasty time-related calculation bug rear its ugly head. I was using Excel to keep a timesheet for out-of-hours work I was doing for one of our schools, all was going well with the sheet until I hit around 30 or 32 hours, then all of a sudden the sum total would show me 4 hours. My worry was that in submitting this timesheet the school would go on the sum of hours and not actual accrued. I decided to give Google Sheets a go and it’s Duration format worked perfectly, not a single problem thus far.

Another reason I really like both Docs and Sheets is the easy of sharing documents with others, either giving them viewing or editing rights. On the same project we used another Sheets spreadsheet to keep track of remaining tasks and sync notes with one another, rather than endless emails between each other, it worked so well. Thanks Google! Check it out if you haven’t already, I have’t installed the apps on my iPhone, though they do exist, and doubtless for Android too.


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