Have you checked out the new X-Men inspired series “Legion” yet?

Chapter 1 just screened last night and it was pretty cool. A super mutant, convinced that his abilities are indeed schizophrenia, has been locked up in a mental asylum and is being dosed up on medication that are actually subduing his abilities. One ordinary day another patient enters the asylum and peaks his interest, she doesn’t like to be touched, instantly garnering his interest; he gets a tad too close for her comfort and freaks her out.


Needless to say at a group session in which she attends the two of them end up getting a little closer and decide they should start dating. He manages to kiss her at one point leading to their switching bodies, though it isn’t immediately apparent this has happened. The effects of this kit have far more devastating effects for others though and for the facility, the switch does allow him to escape the facility as she was being released that day, thus in her body he is released.

The government is aware of his abilities and interviews him, trying to understand what he understands about himself and what he can do. All does not go as they might have hoped.

It will be interesting to see what Chapter 2 brings, and indeed the remaining 7 episodes. Great start.


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