What price too much a mobile phone?

There are suggestions that the iPhone 8 (128GB model) may cost AUD$1,600, roughly the same as a MacBook Air. Is this too much for a smartphone? Even a premium device from Apple, I think so. 

Is the suggested addition of an OLED screen justification for several hundred dollars increase in price? 

I currently use the iPhone 6S Plus, though my contract with Australia’s premier telco Telstra did permit my upgrading for free last November to a new iPhone, or an alternate device should I wish to go that way. I actually decided against the upgrade as I thought the iPhone 7’s update a particularly weak one, its main benefit was just the addition of a second lens for portrait photography, hardly justification for additional cost per month. 

I have become increasingly frustrated with the iPhone in recent times, most especially with Bluetooth connectivity. My car and wireless headphones each use Bluetooth to connect to the phone, and each has experienced problems when someone drives by also using Bluetooth causing my audio playback to stop. Another frustration with my iPhone and car lay with the phone constantly refusing to resume playing my podcast, instead it will start playing from my music tracks; I’ve given up using Siri to resume the podcast as the audio doesn’t start until I’m driving. 

At this point I don’t think I will be upgrading to an iPhone 8, assuming the next phone is called this, instead for the moment I will just exit contract and look at my options. Perhaps we’ll be lucky and Trump will steer the Aussie dollar in our favour reducing the phone’s cost somewhat, but then perhaps pigs might fly too. 


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