Hidden Figures: An amazing movie

I saw an amazing movie today, Hidden Figures, though I’d heard not a thing about this movie until just over a week ago; perhaps the title was aptly chosen.


Hidden Figures is the story of three African-American women working at NASA within the Computing department, pre-electronic computing that is. It follows their very real struggle to be seen as equal to their non-African American colleagues; racism and segregation are key themes of the movie, but not forget the obvious brilliance of the women.

There are wonderfully powerful moments during the movie, one in particular when Katherine is questioned where she disappears each day for 40 minutes at a time, her response finally allows her colleagues to better understand her daily struggles; if you can maintain a dry eye in this scene you are better than me. Hidden Figures, like The Help, really serves to educate those of us who fortunate to never experienced racism that we might have a better understanding of what it feels like, how horrible it and its experience is.

Be sure to see this movie, either at the cinema or later on, it is a wonderful movie and I’m so glad they’ve taken time to tell their story. If Hidden Figures doesn’t walk away with a swathe of awards in the coming year I will be utterly surprised, the movie and its actors deserve recognition.


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