#ugh eBay fake bidders

So I finally got around to selling my mid-2013 CTO MacBook Air on eBay last week, the action finishing this past Tuesday afternoon.

It was an interesting auction, I had two bidders ask me questions, the first made be super suspicious of their motives. I had originally listed the auction with payment options for PayPal or into my bank account, this potential bidder wanted to pay $1,100 for the laptop saying was for his son studying in Australia (he in United States). Without bidding, he kept insisting on having my bank account details making my increasing wary of him; I am actually wondering if he did indeed live in the USA at all, let alone had a son studying here in Australia, needless to say I refused all requests and subsequently removed the bank payment option.

Another bidder asked a number of questions, and did bid just a few hours prior to the auction’s close, though didn’t win.

A third person, and the only other person to bid in the auction ended up winning, though never asked me questions. After the auction completed I didn’t hear from them, nor did I receive payment for item plus postage. I waited three days thinking perhaps they’re trying to get the cash together before getting in contact to ask how things were, and later sent them the invoice via the eBay system as a just-in-case measure, though I do suspect this is automatic. The silence was deafening; I included in my final communication that if I didn’t hear from them after the fourth day had passed I would assume they were not interested and mark them auction as unpaid, which I did this afternoon.

It annoys me that the eBay process now forces me to wait another 4 days for someone who clearly has no intent in paying for the auction item they’ve bid on, preventing me from re-listing it and selling to someone else. They’ve wasted my time and it really ticks me off.


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