ADSL comes crashing down

We bought our first house almost nine years ago, signing up to internet service provider iiNet who had a great service reputation. 

We decided at the time to go with a new style service called Naked DSL, foregoing a normal telephone line for VoIP telephony. It ended up being a great decision at the time, we got 75Gb for $69.95 per month and the ability to phone internationally at a fraction of standard costs. As time went on our data cap went up to 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000 and finally unlimited; of course we never even came bear using our cap, and even now with streaming services we struggle to hit a few hundred Gigabytes. 

The only unfortunate thing about our naked DSL service was the speed, our distance from the exchange meant we only got 6Mbps/1Mbps. That was until Thursday, for some reason our line decided to experience problems, though initially I had thought it was our dinosaur modem finally giving up the ghost. It wasn’t until my mate loaned me a spare ADSL wireless modem I knew it wasn’t our hardware but the line at fault. 

With this info at hand, and the modem displaying an array of useful statistics, I fired of an email asking for assistance from iiNet support. So far all I have gotten back from them is an automated email, the silence is deafening. I would call them but I have heard they just take forever to get through to these days. All so frustrating. I can’t wait for the NBN to arrive and be rid of this rubbish. 


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