iiNet: Just Awful Service

We signed up to iiNet almost 9 years ago, back then this internet service provider was amongst the best in Australia, and also a lot smaller than it is now. Since then it has gobbled up several smaller ISPs and has itself been taken over by telecoms giant TPG. It has been since the take over by TPG that iiNet has progressively gone to shit, its one great levels of service have now plummeted to the 50 percentile range where once it was in the high 80s.

A week ago we started having problems with our connection, it dropped from an average 6Mbps/1Mbps that we’ve had since signing up to overnight a paltry 0.73Mbps/0.54Mbps. I tried emailing iiNet for assistance as our VoIP handset was dead, perhaps my mistake was forgetting to advise them in the email that this was the case, so I will wear this one. It took their support team in Cape Town (South Africa) 5 days to get in contact with us, I’m sorry but that is just bloody appalling. When they did get in contact Jodie didn’t understand what to say and didn’t manage to get them to contact me and eventually they just closed the case.

So, now I sit here on their support line, on my mobile phone waiting, waiting, just damned well waiting for the bastards to actually pick the damned phone up. Hello iiNet, is anyone actually in support actually working today? Or did TPG reduce your support crew to one person by now? I am so completely pissed off by my experience tonight that if I don’t get satisfaction (when I finally get through) we WILL be dumping these useless pricks and going with another ISP, who cares that we lose the internet for a few weeks, not like we have anything at the moment now.

I think the Australian Government should also have a good long look at the iiNet merger with TPG as to why lessening competition has been such a bad idea.


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