iPhone sync quirk

I clearly don’t sync my iPhone with my Mac anywhere often enough or this would have annoyed me far more than it does. As I am almost sans Internet at home I have been connecting to the web using my phone, typically wirelessly, but the phone was a touch lower on battery today so I thought I might get the cords out and charge as I played. 

Syncing works as you might expect, however one of the annoying quirks when syncing your iPhone with iTunes is that apps I have deleted since the last sync annoyingly get restored. Why I ask you? Surely if a user has deleted the apps they don’t want them on their phone, yet the programmers that be at Apple have concluded their removal must have been a mistake?

I wonder do Android users experience stupid quirks like this. I don’t know many people with them as most I know use iPhones. I would ask my father but he’s just a tad biased on all things android. 


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