Apple Watch Nike+

I’ve resisted getting myself a smart watch for some time, mainly due to the fact that I didn’t want to charge yet another device nightly. Recently I took up cycling for the first time in 25 years, I was frustrated when I went to use my Fitbit and it didn’t support entry of cycling distances. What the!

Initially I just had my iPhone 6S Plus in my cargo shorts pocket which seemed to generate some statistics with the phone, however it was wildly inaccurate as to distance I’d travelled, one 9km journey got reported as 3.6km. That had me seeing red, I needed something else, aka Bry wants a new toy.

Sitting at Gloria Jeans for a coffee I decided I was going to have myself an Apple watch, but which one. The original version was definitely out of the running, why bother with the last generation, even if it is cheaper to purchase; so that narrowed the field to either series 1 or series 2. As the price difference wasn’t that great I was more greatly attracted by the Nike+ series, so essentially the Apple Watch 2 with a slightly different look, I lovely the look of its band.

The Apple Watch offered support for cycling, and the Apple Watch 2 generation supports GPS tracking, thus I could finally go out for a cycle and know what I did, meagre as it is at this stage, would be tracked. I’m going to combine the watch with tracking app Strava, recommended by my friend, and fellow Apple Watch user, Michael. Today was my rest day, so tomorrow I have to try work out how the heck you use it, and at 5am to boot.

In general, the watch itself it quite good to use once you understand the functionality of the crown and the button. As the supplied documentation is quite light-on it really is a journey of discovery, some of which is discovering the online documentation at the Apple website to understand what some things do, but as a geek exploration is also a part of my psyche. I quite like the breathe app, might help to destress a little, as well the reminders to get off arse and stand every hour, something I am guilty of failing to do at work. Will be interesting to see how the Apple Watch inspires me with my future exercise endeavours.



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