Iron Fist

If you based your viewing purely by critics reviews then you might never give Marvel’s Iron Fist a look, Rotten Tomatoes pulverised it at just 18 per cent.

Thankfully we know better, we know that critics generally fall over themselves to post the first negative reviews, that is unless it is pure gold. Thankfully the Rotten Tomatoes site also includes a user’s rating, currently 83 per cent, which is far more indicative of what this first season deserved. 

If you approach Iron Fist as its own show, though connected to Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, then you can give the show the basis upon which to judge it. I am only eight of thirteen episodes in and love it, live that it hasn’t solely focussed upon his going nuclear with the weapon fist, but rather building who he is, and what he is fighting for. 

There was also criticism of the opening sequence. Umm, why? I really like it. I really like the audio that accompanies the visual, very nicely done guys. 

Gosh I hope it won’t be a two year wait between seasons!


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