Change can sometimes be a good thing, yet sometimes too much of a good thing can also be bad. When an organisation is in a constant state of flux due to restructures there is never time enough to settle in a structure and get on with the job before the next shuffle begins. In the time I have been with my own employer I have seen a number of major restructures, often designed at great expense by corporate consultants, and not all terribly successful.

A few years ago my own bore the brunt of a major year-long restructure, you might say the answer was defined and those tasked with determining things were merely asked to write the question. My role was one of a few made redundant, but I ended up getting a redeployment, albeit at a lower level. Before I had even begun my new role I was being told the area I was to move to would the following year itself face a restructure, I felt entirely battered and bruised to say the least. Adding insult to injury, attempts were made to second me back into my now redundant role for a period of eight months; I vehemently fought this for a month and eventually managed to come out on top, though again battered and bruised.

The following year as I learned my new role I waited for the planned review; later that year news came it was delayed. Earlier this month we were told the review had been cancelled, it was great news, not just for myself, but indeed for all I work with. What I didn’t know was that only the review was cancelled, instead our own area had decided to do its own restructuring efforts which amounts to exactly what a review would have seen us face. I am not looking forward yet again to facing staff being concerned about their positions, including myself, it just  gets so tiring.

Just as well I’ve already booked and paid for holidays to France and Singapore, I have a feeling I am going to need to breaks somehow.


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