ADSL line fault

Almost five weeks ago now we started experiencing problems with our Internet connection. At first I though the ISP might have had some problems, or perhaps there was problems in the state with the connection, it’s happened before.

After two days and no notices on news websites or the ISP I gave up and lodged a complaint with our ISP via email, they took a speedy five days to respond; I was not a happy camper. I ended up phoning their support line and, after a 2.5 hours wait, managed to talk to someone, I only just managed to keep my cool about me as I was livid at the waiting time.

Since then we have had the iiNet conduct an initial check remotely, which they rejected our concerns having a problem – I blew up at them at this point, and they kindly reconsidered (yes, sarcasm!). Over we week later we finally had someone come out and test our line, asserting that our line was only achieving 1.1Mbit; prior to this it was 6Mbit but the 1.1Mbit figure I actually dispute as it doesn’t take into account error rates. Finally, as a result of the technician’s visit we were getting somewhere.

A subsequent visit yesterday by the same technician to complete a Time Domain Reflectometer test used to determine whether there were actually faults along our line. He mentioned to my friend that there were possibly three to four faults along our line, though I see the report specified only one fault in our case just 685m from the house. So, next week another technician, from Telstra, will come out to hopefully resolve the issue. Oh god I hope so, I really do hope so, I have never longed for 6Mbit so much.

I have noticed an additional note within our case that, should the attempt to resolve next Tuesday fail and speed remains unchanged, we will be told it is local conditions. I fail to understand how that is given we had 6Mbit previously. I will complain, of course, and advise them that if we don’t get a satisfactory response a complaint will be raised with the Telecoms Industry Ombudsman. This has implications not only for our day-to-day use, but also in the future should we decide to sell the house, not to mention the migration to NBN for us next year.



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