Lost my bro

I woke yesterday morning as I always do, turned over the iPhone and noticed my Aunt Janice had tried to call me, twice. Strange, I rarely hear from her. 

Picked up my laptop and as am starting to surf the Internet mum sends through an iMessage text to contact her; at 6 am that’s strange, something must be up, so I respond. “Call me, it’s urgent!”

It was in the next minute I learned my little brother had decided it was all too much and had taken his own life. It was all a little to surreal, I hoped I had heard wrongly, but no, I had not. I later talked to Aunt Janice and learned he’d ended his life with a gun; I have no idea where he got it, access to these being controlled here. 

It makes me sad to know we won’t see him again, he was just 32 years old. Depression is such an unforgiving beast, all consuming and overwhelming at times. 

Sadly my other brother whom he lives with doesn’t know this has occurred, he took a new job on a remote farm with no mobile reception and only returns on the weekends. It is going to hit him so hard once he finally gets the texts, discovering his brother, mate and housemate is now lost. 

RIP Haydn (Dinno)


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