Paris terrorism, again


I cast my mind back to September 11, 2001 today with the events in Paris. On that day I was meeting up with my brother and his wife in King’s Park, Perth, they’d just flown in 2 days earlier from Europe and we were having a family get together. Earlier that morning of course terrorists had crashed planes into the twin towers, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania.

Rather than just being a usual family get together we’d expected you could see, naturally, the concern written across their faces; how would this affect their return to Europe in just over a week’s time. All around the world I guess everyone was in a state of shock, our world had changed for the worse. They did return home to Europe without a hitch, though interim directions from airlines and countries placed some limitations and requirements with travel.

Most might look upon those events and avoid or reschedule their travel plans, however I felt I could just as easily be hit by a bus crossing the road as be hijacked or be shot when travelling. Several days after I decided to book my first trip to Europe, to do tours of the continent and Britain with Trafalgar. I wanted to do first-class tours, and was initially booked on these tours, however due to events the first-class tour of Europe was cancelled and I ended up on the budget tour – this ended up being a wonderful turn of events as I made some wonderful friends on this tour.

Ever since the events of September 11th we’ve seen many terrorist-related attacks on western cities, for what reason I will never understand, it only serves to further alienate. Funny enough I am again to travel to Europe (France) in the coming months, again to travel with Trafalgar, though this time on a budget tour. The terrorist attacks in Paris today do have me wonder whether they will impact on my tour, the date for which I’ve already been forced to swap to an earlier guaranteed date.

I do wish these terrorists, irrespective of their faith or beliefs, might choose just to shoot themselves rather than inflict their hatred upon others, they are such a waste of space.


One thought on “Paris terrorism, again

  1. I agree with you. I wish they would go and get lost in the desert but leave mankind alone.
    My heart goes out to people in France as well as in London, St. Petersburg, Stockholm etc., the list is unfortunately too long already. 🥀


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