Travels in France

I flew out of Perth on the 15th June for France on Singapore Airlines, excited as it was to be my first flight on the A380, which I had heard was supposed to provide greater leg room. Well I can sadly lay that rumour to rest, it was not a comfortable flight for me at all, it was warm and leg room was awful.

The net effect of my leg room issues was that the night if my arrival I had terrible leg cramps, primarily in my right leg, but also some uncomfortable ones in the left. 

Two days in I commenced a Trafalgar CostSaver Tour of France, taking in the sights at: Paris, Rouen, Honfleur, Deauville, Mont Saint Michel, Omaha Beach (D-Day), Rennes, Amboise, Tours and the Loire Valley chateaux. We started out with nice, mild weather, but by the time we left Paris for Rouen the weather warmed, and by the time we’d reached Honfleur a few hours later the sun was out in force and so to was the humidity. The heat remained with us for 5 days until our return to Paris, it made for hard going as we were often having to go up and down stairs in unconditioned historic buildings. 

Our Tour Director, Brian Tait, a half-American half-French man, was very good at keeping us on track, entertaining and informing us, and providing support for those who needed a bit of language assistance. On one evening we had an optional dinner out, a 37 degree day and high humidity, we were all a tad worried, and getting to our dinner venue nothing was allayed when upstairs the had only pedestal fans and windows that didn’t open. Despite this, our arranged entertainment was great, he got us involved singing various songs throughout the night, and later Brian joined in with mouth accordion and sang a French song, we loved it. 

As with my first-ever Trafalgar Tour, also a costsaver, where I made lasting friendships with some wonderful women in Mexico, I also made friendships with several women from New Zealand, Canada and the United States. I’ve found the people in the costsaver tours often mingled more, but also generally my experience with Trafalgar has been one of a company that encourages you to early-on get to know others in your tour, something I haven’t experienced with other organised tours sadly, something that always attracts my return. 

My Trafalgar Tour now over I have a few days now where I am doing day tours, the first to Versailles & Giverny, and the following day to Bruges in Belgium. Then, one free day before I fly home, I’m not looking forward to those return flights, I’m currently waiting to hear whether I will be upgraded (at a fee) to Premium Economy.


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