Sleep eludes me

I’ve never had much trouble adjusting to travel, this despite the fact that I cannot sleep on a plane to save myself. This was proven back in 2011 when after 40 hours awake I finally arrived in Calgary, Canada, hit the bed within 30 minutes of arriving at my hotel and was up and hitting the ground running at 8am the next morning. 

Having returned from two weeks in France just 9 days ago I have found this time I am definitely not hitting the ground running. I got home and after getting some food went to sleep for some 16 hours, then the next two nights I slept 11 hours a piece. I had thought on my first day back to work I was reset, I awoke nearer to my normal waking time, but the next day I nearly didn’t wake in time to go to work… oops!

I’m wondering if our being in winter has anything to do with my having trouble with adjusting, the mornings dark into 7am at the moment. 

My doctor prescribed me Melatonin this morning. I have never had this before, but she assures me it is wonderful at helping to reset the body clock. I hope so. 


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