Senator Ludlum

Just a few days ago Federal Senator within the Greens Party, Scott Ludlum, advised the nation he would have to resign after being advised he still had New Zealander citizenship. He’d lived here since age 3 and naturalised as an Australian in his teenage years, thus thought he was no longer a citizen of his birth country, seeking then to serve his new country within its parliament. 

I have always found Senator Ludlum to be a great and hard working politician, even though I may not vote for him. In the days since he announced his resignation due to the constitution not permitting him to serve, how utterly bloody stupid is that, there have been suggestions he might need to repay his salary back to the Australian people, some $1.6 million. 

Have we forgotten he actually served his country, his constituents, he debated in parliament and on its committees? I do hope that our government will look at this and say it was an honest mistake and not expect repayment as that would be truly disgusting behaviour. Just such a pity our parliament loses a hard working and dedicated person due to a constitutional provision. 


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