Are our PC’s sentient?

There seems to be something awry with my Windows 7 PC at work this week, it seems to be grinding to a halt doing just about anything for some reason. Whether I am working on the new ethics manuals in InDesign, or the mundane task of data quality audits in Google Chrome and Excel, my PC is just acting as though it has developed the flu.

I actually do wonder whether our PC’s are sentient, knowing when they are not far from being put on the scrap heap. I should have a lovely new SSD-based laptop by the end of next week, or early of the following week; has my PC picked up on this and cracked the shits?

Today I sat at my PC and my mouse wouldn’t move across the screen as it should in a fluid movement, instead it was a jittery jerked movement, barely registering that I’d moved the device at all. Unlike yesterday when I had InDesign open with a document having a large number of hyperlink destinations, today all I had was Google Chrome and email open. I opened Task Manager and 91% of the paltry 8GB RAM it has was gone, what the hell is going on, that shouldn’t be the case. I later rebooted the machine as I was fed up with not being able to work, our IT Department was applying updates in the background again — they’re meant to do this late each Thursday (but never do!).

I can’t wait for my new laptop to arrive, solid state drive, 32GB RAM and a fast processor, not to mention larger screens where currently I have these awful small ones that aren’t suited to my day-to-day work. I will be on cloud nine once the new system is deployed.


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