A good cup of coffee and where we get can divide us all, like what defines good art it’s highly subjective what we call a good cup, or a bad cup of coffee. Most will instantly jump on the bandwagon in saying they aren’t big fans of instant, whilst some may be passable, in general most they are just not the same level as barista coffee, or even Nespresso.

Welcome to my new blog, Coffee at Bry’s. I’ll hope to share my opinions on a variety of different topics, and perhaps you’ll join in with a comment or two.

I live in Perth, Western Australia, though as a little tike came from Sydney. I work in the higher education sector, previously I used to do website design and development (and a lot of print work for that matter), but after a major restructure last year I’m now working in research systems administration.

I am an Apple technology geek, though I don’t know that I’d go to the extreme of some called ‘fanboi’ status, I’m not so blinded by a technology as to only think there’s one solution. I do however love my iPhone, MacBook Air (mid-2013; i7; 8GB) and iPad Mini 3. Sadly 7.5 hours per day I use Windows 7 at work, this allows me to experience flaws in technology haha – just joking (perhaps?).

My other loves in life include being an enthusiast photographer, I recently purchased a Canon 6D and also have had the 650D and G7 for years; travel always gives me a good changes to pull those cameras out, there’s nothing more I love than to experience other cultures and their cuisines. In recent years I’ve travelled to Singapore, Bali, Thailand, New Zealand and Canada, as well as within Australia.

Enough about me I think… off to blog 🙂