How is it only children’s medicines are flavoured and yet adult equivalents taste like the might be loo cleaner?

I’m lying here in bed having had to take another asproclear (asprin) as my head is pounding as I try heading off to the land of nod. These things I honestly wonder if they use to cut coke, they’re bloody horrible. Can I not get a chocolate variety so I’m not gagging taking this, so it’s a somewhat more pleasant experience? How has Proctor & Gamble et al not come to realise this market and delivered?

Oh well, rant over. For now.


Massage heaven

It’s no secret I’ve been suffering from ongoing strong headaches for months now, receiving regular physiotherapy treatments in hopes of relief. Sadly, the headaches have only strengthened over time to the point my physiotherapist believes they may be migraines.

Thankfully an assessment on Saturday by my doctor ruled out any likely connection with my spinal cord, especially important following the fall I took in Amboise in June. Following the assessment I decided to have a head and shoulders massage at a rather good massage therapy place in my favourite shopping centre.

As the massage therapist worked on my neck I just didn’t want him to stop as it was really hitting the spot. As I left the store I felt as though floating, the effects of the massage were so good that I didn’t have another headache until three days later, where they had been daily since November.

I can’t wait to return on Saturday morning for further relief, a weekly habit now.

Headaches abound

Thump! Thump! My head just keeps pounding away at the moment. I honestly can not recall ever having had so many headaches as I am currently experiencing. Each day now, without fail, I am getting strong, lasting headaches at least once, and sometimes several times per day.

This started in late November, or early December, though their regularity was less frequent back then. The headaches were directly associated with crunching I started experiencing in my neck, each time it’d crunch I’d get a strong headache within ten to twenty minutes. I had meant to make an appointment with my physio when it kept happening but stupidly forgot.

Finally in January I made the call and started getting treatment. Despite a member of dry needling sessions, sleep tissue massage and exercises to do the headaches have persisted in strength and frequency. Yesterday the physio decided tape my back up, to see whether posture was a contributing factor.

Taped up to today it has been so uncomfortable, constantly trying to adjust myself. Despite the tape the headache came again along with muscle ache. I am now beginning to question whether tumble down the hill in Amboise last June where I rolled several times over may have caused this at all?

Here’s hoping this taping works, so wanting a fix.

A few days in, and already benefits

I’m just a few days into the Michelle Bridges 12WBT and I won’t kid you, my t-shirt has been soaked in sweat. When walking previously for an hour within my suburb I’d sweat, but not to the same level for less time.

Day one and I was up at 5am for my first workout, I was truly peeling myself out of bed, my eyelids remained on the pillow for a good 5 minutes more I’m sure. Workout gear on, we kicked off with warm up exercises one-by-one. I’ve never done this before, it was always bang, go walking, come home hit bed and surf the web for a bit with the fan on.

It was  little difficult doing the exercises, not because of the exercise, but because I kept having to authenticate into my iPhone X and look at what I was to do for the next exercise. My workout Monday ended up being around 11 minutes longer than they suggested it should take, but I got there in the end.

Tuesday’s workout was one with Michelle Bridges and following what she was doing in the video. I’ve never participated in any class-based exercises before, even at school I’d wag sport so don’t know if they ever did it there. I am perhaps the must unco person south of the equator, I struggled with following Michelle’s constant changes to routine so just did the best I could to keep up; I was just grateful for the fact I was at home and not in a class situation. Again shirt was dripping with sweat, even more so than the day before.

Today was weigh-in day. After work, and stupidly after I’d eaten for crying out loud, I got on the scales, and was already down 1.1kg. Holy Shit Batman! Of course the difference is not the same scales, its Doctors scales on Saturday and my scales on Wednesday, and mine tend to report lower than do hers, so I’m not actually sure the real difference tbh. But at least I know from today the weight on my own scales to go from.

Today was a break day for some reason in the program, but we’re back into it for the next three days. Another benefit from the past few days has been my sleep, whilst not sleeping any longer the quality of the sleep has been far better making the $199 fee well worth it already.

Signed up for a new me

I started my morning with a monthly visit to my GP, the joys of being a diabetic. I’d just had my HBa1c test to check my blood sugars over the past 3 months, and thankfully after a result that went strangely awry last time all is back on track again.

Carrying more than a few pounds discussion eventually shifts to how to shed them; finally I agreed to consider the 5:2 diet where you fast 2 days (non-consecutive) each week. That lasted about 3 hours before I committed myself to something entirely different.

One thing that had always concerned me about the 5:2 diet was how I might commit to it as peeps in my office regularly chew on the chockies, coffees and other goodies. Temptation and reminders would be everywhere. But what also concerned me was that it only examined half of the equation, the diet ignored exercise and it never teaches you anything. Further, dieting like that I’ve seen reports people often end up regaining the lost weight.

I’d seen some time ago a program developed by Michelle Bridges called the 12 week body transformation (12WBT), this focusses upon exercise, meal plans, lessons, learning & participation in forums with those in your 12 week block. There are multiple programs structured to meet various people’s needs and abilities. I paid up front for a 2 week saving at $199.

I’m excited to give this a go, though also a little nervous as I know it’s no walk in the park, it does get more intense as weeks progress. Week 1 begins Monday!

Burning candles at both ends

As we neared end of the work year I grew more anxious for it to end and holidays to begin. It has been a year marked with losing another three family members, after losing three in 2016; the final loss in 2017, that of my little brother to suicide was certainly the most difficult to deal with.

I think also working full-time and then providing out-of-hours support to one of the schools has led to my burning the candle at both ends. Come November I was really starting to feel exhausted, plus this month was also my brother’s birthday – it was hitting home the fact I couldn’t text, call or email to celebrate his birthday, nor would we have a get together.

Physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted my end-of-year annual leave had finally arrived, three glorious weeks that would commence with our office Christmas party. It was great to have a nice sit down buffet meal at the nearby resort, we had a great time. Before leaving our Director handed out the staff awards, two joint awards nominated by Schools and then the award nominated by our staff, I was so surprised when my own name was called out.

Ironically this would be the only Christmas celebrations I’d get to partake in this year. The following afternoon I would get ill and not recover enough to attend our family’s early Christmas celebrations at Burswood’s Atrium restaurant. By mid-week I was starting to feel somewhat better and headed out to wrap up present buying.

I had been invited by my other brother to his place for Christmas and had purchased a few items to take on the day. One week after I’d gotten sick “WHAM!” I was struck with

stomach flu and Norovirus; I had never experienced diarrhoea as I did over this weekend, over 30 bouts causing me to get a little dehydrated despite trying to keep fluids up.

Sadly, I was again nowhere near well enough come Christmas Day to join, instead was sleeping or laying on the couch. I honestly wonder what part my being exhausted contributed to being ill and missing family events, or was it just bad luck? At least in 2018 the level of out-of-hours I’ll work will be reduced, so hopefully I will not find myself in the same boat. I look forward to a better 2018, preferably death free as I’ve had my fill of that frankly. Good riddance 2017!

High blood sugars > Blurred vision

You take your sight for granted, until one day you put your glasses on and suddenly things aren’t sharp any longer. I only had new lenses fitted earlier this year, they are weird ones with graduated change between reading and distance so you don’t notice the change, thus I shouldn’t expect my prescription to change just yet.

After I returned from a 4 day birthday stay in Singapore I started to have problems with my diabetes, though levels had been playing up for a while and I’d be trying to correct and failing. Just before I went away my doctor had increased the strength of a medication I take to help, but after returning I started to experience strong feelings of nausea, headaches, and still highly elevated blood glucose. Then just before returning to work my vision started to blur slightly, though only to the point of not being as sharp as before (I am mildly short sighted – just in vision you understand lol).

Having returned to work the doctor has insisted I go on a strict no carbohydrate diet to try contain the blood sugars, so has been very much a ‘hello salad and protein’ diet since. Trying to go out with a friend over the weekend was an experience, attempting to find somewhere that doesn’t serve pretty much a carbohydrate-laden meal is quite an effort, even the Brotzeit venue I selected wasn’t great, I thought the meal I’d chosen had scrambled eggs, though they did look strangely pale, it ended up being some weird pasta and cheese creamy concoction that was rather vomitous.

I have looked into how long I may face this visual impairment now I’ve managed to lower the blood sugars a fair bit, webMD was suggesting it could be anywhere from 1-3 months. I just hope this doesn’t get any worse, it is already so frustrating not being able to clearly see my screens at work.