MacBook Pro gettin’ some Apple lovin’

Since my MacBook Pro arrived in late December 2016 I have had this weird click noise going on, and to be honest I should have taken it in long ago. The noise has never affected the performance of the computer, just been annoying and concerning as to what it actually was.

The catalyst for my finally getting of arse and visiting the Apple Store was after installing macOS High Sierra and having a couple of incidents where the system’s fans whirled right up and the system got quite heated. Additionally, when I was plugging in the laptop after having powered down it was now turning back on and the fans whirling at a low, barely audible speed. Despite my opening the screen, and discovering it at the login screen, and subsequently telling it to shut down it was again powering up once more so long as the power cord was plugged in.

Since then Apple has issued a supplemental update and no further incidents have occurred, neither could be confirmed today when I visited Apple Store Perth. What the Genius staff member did confirm was that there was a screen fault that would necessitate its replacement under warranty, saving me $882. Sadly they’re a bit overloaded with repairs at the moment and I will be sans MacBook Pro for at least 5 days, so a case of separation anxiety may ensue. Thank god iPhone and iPad to tide me over.


High Sierra, high fan speed!

It does pay to wait, but I am never the most patient individual.

The day iOS 11 came out I downloaded and installed, and a week later I was installing macOS High Sierra on my late 2016 MacBook Pro. Usually there are a few bugs, but I have to say they’ve not been quite so bad as the one I’m experiencing now. I have been finding on occasion when putting my MacBook Pro to sleep its fans have started whirling at high speed at some point and the machine starts to overheat.

This has occurred several times in the past week, then this morning I’d turned the laptop off, plugged in the power and gone to get ready for work. As I went past the laptop I noticed a slight hissing coming from it, how is that possible, it’s turned off. I lifted it to check if the fans were indeed running, sure thing they were. Plugging in the power had turned on the laptop. I opened the screen and instead of the expected Apple logo I was greeted with the login screen, confirming it had booted.

I had had enough at this point and decided to book the laptop in with Apple for a look over. I was also keen for them to look over why it ‘clicks’ all the time, having done so ever since I’d taken deliver of the laptop in late December. Just hoping now there isn’t something wrong with the laptop.

That being said, build quality of macOS and its predecessor in recent years hasn’t been the best, so certainly a factor.

High Sierra Safari

With this post title it almost sounds like I’m getting in an open topped vehicle in Africa to shot something, though I never would, instead I talk of Apple’s latest browser release with macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

One welcome feature addition to the browser for me is that of stopping those pesky auto play videos. One of the news sites I regularly visit here in Australia employs these and gives you but three seconds to cancel its play, barely enough time. Now, with this latest version of Safari I can let it go as the video will never play without my interaction, thank you Apple!

They also saw fit to include a no tracking feature, I only wish they could go further and recognise ads and strip these out. I’ve read many posts from advertisers and site owners concerned by this move, but from my perspective not getting these targeted ads is wonderful, I plain don’t want them and have never clicked one.

Other than speed improvements I can’t say I’ve noticed much else, a good upgrade.

New work laptop finally here

After what seemed an eternity my new work pc was finally delivered today. What was quite funny was three people arrived to remove the desktop pc and install the laptop, when last I took delivery of a laptop years ago in had only been a single person.

The team of installers from Dell were somewhat unprepared for the job, our desktop pcs were installed in under-desk brackets that could go back and forth; the installers arrived without the necessary tools to release these pcs from the bracket’s grip and calls ensued to our IT department.

Finally, after about 30 minutes I did get to sit down and use my new laptop, oh the excitement! It was smaller in form factor than I was expecting, and the dock different than that of older machines in that the laptop no longer snaps into it, but the screen heavenly. What I later discovered after the Adobe suite was installed was the screen is a touch screen, and the laptop has a tablet mode.

What I am absolutely loving is that I now have three screens, a very high res laptop screen, and my original pc’s screens making working on tasks on the top two screens easier whilst having my email visible on the laptop screen.

Not even talked about the benefits of ssd and 16GB RAM on the speed of the machine, feels good so far. Big test will come when I go to work on an InDesign document and start linking things up, this was horrendous on the old machine.

Oh, sweet relief!

I may just drop dead from the shock, Dell emailed me at work today to say I’d finally be taking delivery of my new laptop. I had almost given up it was coming, and had in recent weeks been creating the ethics booklets (only 46 to create!) within InDesign on my personal MacBook Pro.

The only pain with using my person Mac is that I don’t have any adaptors to support using an external monitor at work, thus when working on the booklets I am laptop screen only, oh the pain! I am hoping that with the new laptop I’ll be able to use both external screens and the laptop screen, three screens in total, the thought of this setup has me salivating.

This new machine will have both solid state drive plus 32GB RAM, when compared to the current desktop computer with a minuscule 8GB RAM (or is it 4GB?) and spindle-based hard disk this new machine is going to be nicknamed ‘Terminator’. My Mac has 16GB RAM with 512 SSD and doesn’t even break a sweat with the InDesign tasks, thus I’m so excited at the prospect of a machine that has double the memory knowing it will no longer be 10 seconds per hyperlink. Can you spot the geek in the room? Sad I know LOL.

Oh the pain… the pain!

Oh the pain of having your mouse pause every few seconds for several seconds as you’re trying to work – welcome to my hell.

I crack open Adobe InDesign CC to work on the ethics manuals today and due to the large number of hyperlinks and hyperlink destinations within these documents my several years old PC is just groaning under the strain. It’s paltry 8GB RAM and spindle-based hard drive are just not up to the job.

What makes this whole experience sheer murder is knowing that I am shortly to receive a new Windows 10-based Dell Laptop with 32GB RAM and 512GB Solid State hard drive. As I sat there today I willed the email to arrive in my inbox telling me my appointment was tomorrow, I would have happily cancelled any appointment for it to arrive, sadly it never arrived. Instead my mouse barely moved as I continued to add hyperlinks and hyperlink destinations to my document and my frustration grew with each addition.

Thankfully next week off… hopefully that email arrives whilst I’m away.

Are our PC’s sentient?

There seems to be something awry with my Windows 7 PC at work this week, it seems to be grinding to a halt doing just about anything for some reason. Whether I am working on the new ethics manuals in InDesign, or the mundane task of data quality audits in Google Chrome and Excel, my PC is just acting as though it has developed the flu.

I actually do wonder whether our PC’s are sentient, knowing when they are not far from being put on the scrap heap. I should have a lovely new SSD-based laptop by the end of next week, or early of the following week; has my PC picked up on this and cracked the shits?

Today I sat at my PC and my mouse wouldn’t move across the screen as it should in a fluid movement, instead it was a jittery jerked movement, barely registering that I’d moved the device at all. Unlike yesterday when I had InDesign open with a document having a large number of hyperlink destinations, today all I had was Google Chrome and email open. I opened Task Manager and 91% of the paltry 8GB RAM it has was gone, what the hell is going on, that shouldn’t be the case. I later rebooted the machine as I was fed up with not being able to work, our IT Department was applying updates in the background again — they’re meant to do this late each Thursday (but never do!).

I can’t wait for my new laptop to arrive, solid state drive, 32GB RAM and a fast processor, not to mention larger screens where currently I have these awful small ones that aren’t suited to my day-to-day work. I will be on cloud nine once the new system is deployed.