Samsung Smart TV

In late 2015 I bought myself a 55 inch Samsung 4K Curved Smart TV, and it was beautiful. I had nothing to complain about the tv that it replaced, a 46 inch FullHD Sony Bravia, however it lacked all the features and the resolution.

I had intended to purchase another Sony TV when I went to JB HiFi that day, however they didn’t have any in stock, thus I needed to look at something else. The curved was something I considered a little wanky to be quite honest, and as an owner of nearly 2 years now it really is a marketing gimmick quite frankly, it means nothing to you when sitting your arse in front of the screen to watch Netflix.

I’ve found Samsung to be a bit of an annoying platform for various reasons, which I will outline here:

  • The TV Guide is just crap to use. My friend and housemate, who bought a smaller Sony Bravia 4K before me (inspiring my purchase), has a much nicer to use TV guide that is even quite visual. By comparison, if I decide to move up/down in my guide the tv pauses as it attempts to access the tv channel to gather the data, a terrible experience.
  • Turning the tv on is nice and quick with the quick start feature, however it attempts to log in to your Samsung account which may or may not take FOREVER slowing the tv to an absolute halt, don’t even try to access features on the tv or change channels, and don’t try to pass GO.
  • Access to apps. Some apps that exist on my friend’s tv just don’t exist on mine, the Channel 9 app being one, I’ve actually had to install this on my Apple TV just to watch their content. The new Foxtel service I went searching for today, it too is not available.
  • The remote control is great to use, but it can also be frustrating to use. The smart pointer can sometimes just decide not to function and be very difficult to make the pointer re-display. Inconsistent access to the smart point within applications is also annoying, some recognise it, some do not. If you remote’s navigation buttons are playing up, as mine are, then this not working is just plain annoying.
  • Just today I had a ‘data service’ notice pop up on-screen and nothing would show, it took me 30 minutes just to get tv service to resume on the tv once more. Thank god for the internet providing hints on what I should do. My last resort was going to be to pull the plug, this has worked for caching errors the tv has experienced, 10 minutes or so required.

I think when I next come to replacing my television I will look away from Samsung towards a better brand, one less problematic. I think I will insist on playing with the tv far more in-store before buying it, I didn’t do that enough this time to my detriment.

Getting my handyman on

Alright, I’ll confess, me and handyman are two words that are just never used in the same sentence. In fact, I’d go so far as to say were I to mention I’d fixed something in conversation people might look at me strangely and say “you?”

My first such attempt was in 2013 when my toilet cistern had started to overflow and leak on to the bathroom floor, it was most annoying. At the time I was rather ill, my diabetes decided to take a turn for the worse just a week beforehand and I was still very much recovering. Despite this I decided to replace the cistern myself, a friend had said it was an easy job to do, swap-out swap-in job; how wrong she ended up being. The difference in mounts between the old cistern and the new meant I was going to have to drill a new screw location, and through tiles no less.

I had not touched a drill at this time for almost 30 years, and certainly never through tiles. Thankfully I watched a LOT of lifestyle programs, thus I was aware I needed to use masking tape to roughen the surface – it worked a treat. Even though it took me four hours to achieve swapping of the cisterns, mostly due to my having to rest long periods, I was chuffed with myself for having achieve it.

Just last week my bathroom basin taps decided to drip, the speed increasing day-by-day to the point I had to get on with doing something about it. My flatmate had done her own basin taps, several times but with negligible success. Before progressing with my second handyman effort I hit YouTube to check how it was done, watching a few videos. Despite the videos, the actual process ended up being slightly different for me.

Removal of the taps was of course standard as per video, however unlike the YouTube videos the damned washer stayed inside the cavity. Try as I may, nothing I had in the house could extract that damned washer/valve from its hold; I was forced to return to Bunnings and purchase pliers. Pliers in-hand I FINALLY managed to extract the valve from its hold, it was little wonder the cold water tap was causing a leak, the washer was near gone. Repeated the process on the hot water tap and reinstalled all tap wear before heading outside and restoring water to the house, nervously.

SUCCESS! OMG! I was absolutely stoked! No drips and taps now turned off far more easily than they had done previously. Handyman effort #2 was a success. I don’t think you’ll be paying me for this anytime soon, but at least I’ve got a 100% success rate so far haha 🙂