Tennis elbow it is

During my recent ‘Tour de France’ with Trafalgar, definitely not cycling, we were in Amboise after having just visited the home of Leonardo da Vinci (Clos Lucé) and over the  river about to have our group photo taken. I was walking down the slope and looking at the royal castle in the distance, and not having seen any problem on the slope where I was walking continued walking down.

All of a sudden the ground disappeared from beneath my left foot, and too much and too quickly that I just couldn’t gather my balance. Before I knew it I was arse over head and heading for a Frenchman with red wine bottle and glass. I managed to stop myself by throwing out my right arm and my left wrist, but heck doing so bloody well hurt in a big way. At first I thought I may have possibly hurt myself, my wrist really did hurt, way more than did my arm.

A day or two later the wrist felt better, thankfully, and the arm wasn’t showing any signs at this stage of having any problems. However, upon returning to Australia my right arm started to feel sore, especially whenever I tried to lift my coffee or water bottle, life as I knew it was possibly coming to an end – LOL!

I see my doctor each month and had forgotten to mention in in July, so brought it up today, turns out had a case of Tennis Elbow, I’ll not even try to remember the medical term she uttered. I was told to tape it up as this would likely help, otherwise consider dry needling with their physio.

As a guy I was buggered if I was applying tape to a hairy arm, especially Rock Tape which is quite adhesive, so I hit the shops in search of hair removal cream. I’ve never used it before, it was interesting how easy the hair comes off, just 4 minutes after applying the cream to the arm. Applying the Rock Tape for the first time was interesting, I first watched tapes on Dr YouTube, then full steam ahead. Here’s hoping my efforts have some effect and support the arm, I’m not physio/Dr.